And now for something completely different releases we listened to last week

Raygun Cowboys - Bloodied But Unbroken, 2019


An incredible mojo of a totally billy Raygun Cowboys band from Edmonton comes from the

mix of rockabilly and psycho in equal proportion. They threw a real rock’n’roll bomb with all

their 19-year old rage.

Shirt Tail Stompers - Broadway Holdover, 2019


To the arrival of roaring twenties, Shirt Tail Stompers issued an album of the most powerful

traditional swing that will help you go through the Big Depression and drink the shit out of the


Crys Matthews - These Old Hands


An interesting and very beautiful album of a good transparent Americana from a singer

called Crys Matthews. A pleasant timbre, decent material, root styles — what’s not to love?

Bobby "Guitar" Porembski - Rockabilly, 2019


This time Bobby “Guitar” Porembski dressed up his performing and songwriting talent in a

swing rockabilly outfit. Though it didn’t came out worse than surf’n’western.

Televisionaries - Ram-A Lam-A, 2019


Fast, buoyant, energetic, good old-fashioned guitar surf with cheerful backs in a new EP by

Televisionaries from the Great Lakes.

The Wave Chargers - The Wave Chargers, 2019


In the beginning of 60’s, French invented their own version of rock’n’roll (made of twist, lol)

called yé-yé, and were very proud of it. The debut album of The Wave Chargers from Paris

makes us feel that deja vu. Yé-yé-surf!

Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers - Waiting By The Dance Floor, 2019


A big contribution to American fifties stuff is the new album by Howlin’ Rick & The Rocketeers from Great Britain. Rock’n’roll meets rhythm’n’blues as if they were never apart.