And now for something completely different releases we listened to last week

Gnarsh Melow - Double Overhead, 2019


The second album by Gnarsh Melow band from Oregon is intellectual, cool and has the most interesting musical thinking. This genre could have been classified as astro-surf about waves.

Bamboozle - Retrograde, 2019


Quite a rare but still desired fruit of the mystic marriage of rockabilly, neo rockabilly and swing, a new Bamboozle album by the rock’n’roll trio with a remarkable girl on double bass from Canterbury. It has the ideological name of Retrograde.

Carter Sampson - Trio, 2019


A new mini-album by Carter Sampson is way more transparent, lyric and deep comparing to the previous one. Less country, more folk, less fun, more sophistication, storytelling and steel guitar sound. But in general, Carter’s heart still belongs to the red dirt of Oklahoma.

The Sarto Klyn V - Disappeared, 2019


A new album by The Sarto Klyn V is rather a dark than a jazz, but it still impresses. An obvious cinema references and atmosphere of a good solid suspense. Perfect for autumn anxiety time when the moon is waxing.

Thee Scarecrows AKA - The Great Rook N Crow Swindle, 2019


Thee Scarecrows AKA from Great Britain play psychobilly not in English style but in American one where country (“a punk hillbilly!”) dominates.

Mariachi Death Squad - Disappeared, 2019


Strong, dirty and heavy music that can be called a “delinquent” surf is made by Scottish guys from Edinburgh that call themselves a romantic name of Mariachi Death Squad. They make us feel hard daily routine together with longing for faraway Copacabanas and Ipanemas.