God Only Knows

A beautiful and legendary song that comes 25th in the list of greatest songs for all times by

the Rolling Stone magazine was initially performed by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys

BBC made a cover of it using the hands and mouths of all its celebrities. It’s not a first

attempt of public TV channel to make something the likes of We are the world. We can only

imagine how old Rabinovich felt when discovered what was made of his Perfect Day.

Except nonames (ok, not so famous names) this video features Elton John, Brian May, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder, Chrissie Hynde, a grim Nirvana’s drum player and others. Worth mentioning is the fact that Paul McCartney, a great admirer of this song and Pet Sounds album in particular, wasn’t invited to join the party.

Speaking about the song, it was covered about 180 times. Among these musicians were Neil Diamond, Andy Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Glenn Campbell, Elton John again, Elvis Costello... However, no one did it better than the author himself (video features Brian Wilson too, we’re glad he was invited). You can hear how genuine this author and performer was by paying attention to the isolated vocal tracks (from the 1.50 minute of the video). But in a milestone year 1984, David Bowie hit it the closest to unattainable perfection. G-d only knows what I'd be without you.